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Accounting services
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Accounting services

We offer a full set of tax and accounting services for companies of all legal forms. Depending on the selected taxation system of a Company, the specialists of Auditoru Agentura “GRAFA” are ready to offer knowledgeable accounting record-keeping as prescribed by the existent laws and regulations, and guarantee the timely submission of all reports and lack of any problems with the supervisory authorities.

Accounting Consulting Services

Qualified maintenance of accounting records is one of the most important elements of any company’s activity. If the accounting records and preparation of reports are done according to the laws and regulations, the company will work efficiently and save money. Accounting consulting services provide an opportunity to eliminate all kinds of mistakes in official reports and avoid any potential problems with supervisory authorities.

Accounting services

Our accounting service provides a full set of tax and accounting records for companies of all legal forms. Depending on the selected taxation system of a company, the specialists at AA GRAFA are ready to offer accurate accounting records in keeping with the laws and regulations. We guarantee the timely submission of all reports thus no sanctions will be imposed.

Setup and Implementation of an Accounting System

A good accounting system is one of the keystones of any successful business. Creation of an accounting system includes setting up an established procedure aimed at efficient maintenance of tax, management and accounting records, within the scope of the regulatory framework.

Assessment of Accounting Records

Every manager is responsible for the data of the firm’s activity submitted to the supervisory authorities. In some cases, either the company’s accounting records are kept in poor quality, or they are not kept at all. If this is the case the only solution is seeking a qualified specialist’s assistance.

Drawing up and Submission of Reports

The preparation and submission of reports is at the concluding stage of the tax and accounting records process. This entails the preparation of tax returns, accounting and statistical reports about a specific time period, based on source documents.

Our projects

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In cooperation with the publishing house LLC “PVN Konsultacijas” was prepared for publishing a new book addressing the application issues of the new Law on VAT.

To get this book: 

PVN Konsultācijas SIA  

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